Jedi Sage Builds (updated for patch 1.3)

Jedi Counsulars in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Jedi Shadow (Tank / DPS Class) or a Jedi Sage(DPS / Healer class). The Sage uses a lightsaber for its weapon and has the option of healing or ranged DPS. Jedi Sages have three trees to choose talents from: Seer (Healing tree), Telekinetics (DPS tree) and Balance (a shared DPS tree shared with the Jedi Shadow Class).

Below I will list the best sage builds to use for your jedi counsular so you do not have to waste valuble play time figuring out what sage builds work :)

If you wish to submit a sage build please email it to When you email in your build please have a link to your build, clearly list what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this sage build.

Changes made to the Sage class in the 1.3 patch:

Project has an updated visual effect and now deals its damage earlier to bring it in line with the Inquisitor's "Shock" ability.

Seer Builds (Sage healing builds, updated for 1.3)

Sage builds that focus on the seer tree(Healing tree).

sorcerer corruption healing build32/7/2 - Jedi Sage Seer Healing Build

30/9/2 - Seer Leveling Build

PvP Healing Builds:

32/7/2 Seer PvP Build (32/7/2)

Sage Single Target Healing Rotation:

Healing Trance
Force Armor
Noble Sacrifice
Healing Trance
Noble Sacrifice


Telekinetics Builds (Sage DPS Builds, updated for 1.3)

Sage Builds that focus on the telekinetics (DPS tree) will be listed here.

sith sorcerer lightning build3/31/7 Sith Sorcerer PVE Telekinetics Build This build is based around Turbulance, and this has high burst damage and good overall dps. With this build you have to carefully manage your procs and maintain your stacks in order to have good DPS.


3/31/5 +2 Telekinetics PVP Build - This is the main PVP build for Sages.

Stats listed in order of importance:

1. Willpower - This is the main stat that we use
2. Force Accuracy
3. Force Power
4. Alacrity
5. Force Crit
3. Surge


Balance Builds (Sage DPS Builds, updated for 1.3)

Sage builds that focus on the balance tree(DPS tree) will be listed here.

7/3/31 Balance PVE Build

7/3/31 Balance PVP Build


Hybrid Builds (updated for 1.3)

7/3/31 Balance/Telekinetics PVE Build - A Sage PVE DPS Build.

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